3 Golden Rules of the AA Mission Depot Game

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Let’s see what some of the general tips that can help make the game experience better are:

The maximum number of points can be obtained in any game by accomplishing every objective.
If you receive honor points, which is often times, just ignore since they will be taken away.
Follow your ears, in a game that is crucial
Guard yourself, don’t stand in the line of fire
While fighting, step away from other soldier’s line of fire
Use cover whenever available, like when passing in front of windows
As and when you get the skill points, use them.
Listen to the team leader, in fact in solo missions too if he says something know that his word is the only that will help you reach your objective
If the leader asks you to return to the fireteam, you have only about 15 seconds before you fail the mission. Take the team leader seriously.

Use the help of Marksmanship. It will substantially help improve your use of weapon.
Remember that a grenade can eliminate several soldiers. Spread out!
When practicing, use training mission.
When you enter a room, move in and to the nearest corner so the door is available for your team members and use their support
When doing solo missions, use Novice difficulty first, especially the first mission. With every two mission, you will unlock new weapons and these weapons will help you play the Professional much easily.
Cover your teammates when securing or reviving
Other than that, look for a server with a lower ping and one that is good, friendly and non-abusive.